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Alu Sport Catamaran - instead of fiberglass or carbon laminate

racy and low maintenance

The first ride - and I got infected by the catamaran virus. Sailing across Lake Constance as a youngster on a veteran, one of the first wooden Shearwaters of the 1950s. My dream at that time: To build a cat on my own some day.

But first windsurfing was my top project and boards were shaped ...

Then I built an experimental fiberglass composite sport catamaran: A planing boat for stronger winds and low waves.

But for tough speed sailing without caring for the equipment, a better concept was needed: a low maintenance high performance sport catamaran. No osmosis, no UV embrittlement. Also increased safety using a material less brittle than fiberglass or carbon fiber laminates. And preferably, harmless to health while building the boat and sustainable when recycled.
Heavy duty professional boats and yachts have been built of metal for a long time. So - what else than making an innovative sport catamaran of aluminium?

Immediately the first shot proved the qualities of the concept impressively. Built as a 17 ft planing boat, racing on smooth water or jumping in the waves gave a tremendous feeling. Also touching the ground with the fins or rudders doesn't matter.

Wintering simply is outdoors uncovered or beneath a tarp and in spring just the cobweb have to be wiped away.

Due to the convincing concept and aluminium construction, the next step was to go for a boatbuilder licence.

Further hydrodynamic and aerodynamic optimization led to an 18 ft wave piercing semi-planing hull structure and a balanced 20 m² rig, in combination showing excellent dynamics and stability.

By this I'm happy to present the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran:

To focus on its characteristic benefits, the boat is constructed in free design and doesn't follow formula or regatta restrictions. So, compared to formula 18, the reduced weight and the adequate sail area of the TOUCHWATER give advantage in handling and agility. And besides, the high tech all-aluminium constructionit adds a unique design as well as its superior robustness and sustainability.

And foils are providing some more fun while speed sailing - completely without additional handling!

But no more details here - they are described in the technical concept.

Enjoy discovering the TOUCHWATER Alu Cat !



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