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This website is operated privately to present a project. Everybody being interested in the presented type of sport catamaran shall get information and may comment.

Purchase is not yet possible. Currently the presented sport catamaran commercially does not compete with products on the market.

In the context of this project presentation a commercial decision of any interested person is not possible and is neither initiated nor influenced. In terms of competition law and consumer law any impairment of concerns of competitors, consumers or other market actors shall explicitly be avoided. Instead, everybody being interested in the presented type of boat is invited to express own interests.

This is not applicable to the private offer of single objects.

Design and Construction Dipl.-Ing. Immanuel Hahnenstein
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TOUCHWATER is the name of the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran. The logo is copyrighted. Any use of an identical or similar sign needs prior approval by the copyright owner. Copyright owner is Immanuel Hahnenstein.

All parts of the web pages presented on this website, including all pictures, are copyrighted. Display of website contents via electronic systems, printing of website contents for private use and storage of website contents by search engines is allowed. Any further utilisation needs prior approval by the copyright owner. Unless noted otherwise, copyright owner is Immanuel Hahnenstein.

The realisation of the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran, in particular of its hulls, including the attachments and hydrofoil system, is an implementation and exploitation of the respective intellectual property and copyrighted technical design, principles and description, and by this is also copyrighted work.
The same applies to the preceeding models of the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran, as presented.
All exploitation rights with respect to this work are held by the copyright owner.
Any exploitation of intellectual property or work aiming to build or put on the market an identical or similar boat needs prior approval by the copyright owner. Copyright owner is Immanuel Hahnenstein.

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