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Special metal construction for hydrodynamics, stability and design

The TOUCHWATER is built by specialists - a guarantee for high reliability and safety.

The hull plates of the aluminium catamaran are produced by CAM controlled laser cutting.
In the following stamping procedure parts get their characteristic profile. The shape not only causes the efficient hydrodynamics of the multi-chine hulls with lateral drift resistance and semi-planing characteristics. The profile also is adapted to increase stability of the convex hull shape by using the thermal stress of the subsequent welding process.


Pictures:  Preparation for final welding

This technique, developed for high temperature stabilization, unites consequent application of engineering principles and sound knowledge in production technology with a unique technical design.




... and the team


As most things, also a boat doesn't form just in one head and by two hands.
Also joining the team TOUCHWATER ...

my dear wife,
generously giving me uncounted hours for planning and development on the computer and for work in the workshop. Above that, several times assisting to handle bulky and heavy parts. And not least, supporting in design questions.

my trusted metal workers: Carsten and Tim Detert.
Already in the beginning they showed great interest and ambition in the project. Their manufacturing knowledge and skill is essential. Working together regularly is recreation to me and pleasant anticipation of further sailing fun.

my sail maker Ralf Kohrs and his crew.
Highly motivated they carry out the sail design and also give advise in the tests. Further ideas supply for rig variations.

my daughters and my friends,
always having fun with testing a new or modified boat. Even adverse weather and overturns have never lessened their enthusiasm and they like to take the trapeze anyway.


And it's great each time to meet new friends and enjoy sailing.

Cruise & chill !


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