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TOUCHWATER Aluminium Sport Catamarans for sale

New Projects from time to time - needing space. Therefore currently for sale:

Alu Planing Catamaran 17 ft

Alu Hydrofoil Sport Catamaran
Sailing Dinghy 9.5 ft

Alu Planing Catamaran   17 ft

The planing characteristics come up best by single-hand use and lightweight crews. Handling the agile boat with una rig is most fun.
Also my daughter loves it for its livelyness and easy handling. But we need space for the next project and so we have to give it away...

The boat was built in 2009 and was used for three years. It shows corresponding signs of use. From a technical point of view it's not necessary to rework the painting due to the sea water resistant aluminium alloy.

17 ft Alu Sport Catamaran  
Length 5.16 m
Beam 2.50 m  
Draught (Fins)  approx. 0.30 m  
Mast length 8.50 m  
Weight   ready to sail  approx. 130 kg
Main sail 12.7 m² membrane sail   (13.7 m² incl. mast area)
Jib -  
Fins 4  
Trapeze system 1
Hulls, Fins Alu wave piercing planing hulls
Beams Alu  
Mast, Spreader Alu  
Rudder equipment Alu Rudder blades swinging up in case of ground touching
Year of fabrication 2009

7 700 € ready to sail

private sale

Alternatively a smaller rig is available making the boat perfectly fitting for kids:

Mast length 6.80 m
white woven main sail 9.5 m² (approx. 10 m² incl. mast)

Price     7 400 €     boat ready to sail     private sale


Immanuel Hahnenstein



Aluminium Hydrofoil Sport Catamaran

fabricated 2012

upgraded by Auto Hydrofoil System

... starting to take off

At the moment the boat is modified for a new concept and currently not available.



Sailing Dinghy   9.5 ft

The dinghy fits up to 2 children with about 80 kg total weight. The hull is quite slender. That guarantees much fun to the kids sailing sportively. My daughters loved it very much but in the meantime they swiched over to catamaran riding.

The boat was built in 2010 and (regrettably) was used just a very few times. It shows only little signs of use. Low size and weight make it easy to be transported on the roof of your car.

9.5 ft Sailing Dinghy
Length 2.90 m
Beam 1.00 m
Draught (Fins)  approx. 0.30 m
Mast length 3.60 m
Weight   ready to sail  approx. 20 kg
Main sail 4 m² membrane sail with boom and 2 battens
Jib -  
Fins 4 2 plywood fins (draught 12 cm)
2 Alu fins (draught 25 cm)
Hull waterproof
Bottom and sides coated with fiberglass laminate,
cockpit bottom coated with fiberglass laminate,
all surfaces coated with clear paint.
Mast + Boom Alu  
Rudder equipment waterproof
clear paint, rudder blade swinging up in case of ground touching
Year of fabrication 2010

600 € ready to sail

private sale


Immanuel Hahnenstein