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Decided by experience
The best of wave piercing planing catamaran and displacement hull

New ideas are important.
But final performance only is proved after testing and optimizing in practice.

The TOUCHWATER semi-planing cat results from various tests of several previous constructions. Hull drag is optimized in combination with allocation of buoyancy. The semi-planing hulls effect a dynamic lift of the boat while riding and give quite a lot of agility. By hydrodynamic optimization the trim of the boat remains stable and is independant of the flow conditions in transition from displacement to semi planing mode.

Two boat types got special attention while developing the TOUCHWATER:

17 ft wave piercing planing catamaran

Special efficiency in stronger winds and low waves. Excellent agility due to the wide planing hulls. Sailing feels like driving a sports car.

ready for tacking?!

go on ...

... speed up!

18 ft wave piercing displacement cat

Constructed to the limit:
Drag of the slender bow is reduced to the minimum of buoyancy. Excellent pass through waves with an impressively smooth running and least pitch. Barely reduced speed even with completely submerged leeward hull. Test of the hydrodynamic limits as to the design of the TOUCHWATER and its balanced performance.

starting for a tough ride

speed wind

hands off the brake

take care of your head

easy flying

submerged ... don't worry -
it'll come up sometime

... possible

going for a walk


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