Aluminium Catamaran

The Concept

Wave piercing semi-displacement aluminium sports catamaran with hydrofoils
Tough speed sailing and low maintenance

Modern sport catamarans - all of them are fast.
But the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran makes further dreams come true:

Aluminium   -   robust and low maintenance

Hydrodynamics   -   Speed  &  Performance


Technical details

for Individualists   -   make your own design

TOUCHWATER Alu Cat   -   Characteristics and Equipment


Robust and low maintenance

Aluminium fits well for naval use:

Aluminium shows high strength and ductility

it is completely resistant against osmosis and UV embrittlement

modern aluminium alloys are highly resistant against fresh water as well as sea water

... a durable material - and also sustainable, being easily recycled just in case

Hydrodynamics   -   Speed  &  Performance

Foiling version with

Foils provide fun and speed sailing at a new level. And with the Auto Hydrofoil System of the TOUCHWATER, it is easy without additional handling and without extra training.

The system works automatically avoiding loose parts.
While riding, the boat is lifted by the leading foil at the hull nose and the main foil at the fins.
The leading foil is planing on the water surface.
By this, the hybrid foil system reduces the drag of the hulls and provides more speed.

The hydrofoil system is designed for reliable operation in stronger winds, being effective from approximately 3 Beaufort onwards.

All parts are made of alu. Combined with the robust fins, the hydro foils are widely protected against ground touching.
Besides, the hydrofoils are designed to minimize threat to persons in the water.

Just speedsailing.
No special technics to care for.

Standard version         original speedsailing

The hulls don't have special attachments like daggerboards or foils. Speed and good upwind performance is achieved by semi-displacement hulls and four bionic shaped fins.
By this the boat is robust and multi-purpose, giving fun in various sailing areas.


Construction with aluminium

... smart and hydrodynamically efficient

Pictures:  Hulls in standard version without hydrofoils

To shape the TOUCHWATER semi-displacement hulls, with the  Parent Projects  a special technique was developed, giving a high temperature stabilization to the hull plates by stress compensation while welding. By this method the hulls are manufactured as a low weight shell structure. The ideal way to receive high strength by low weight as required for a sport catamaran.

Development of the TOUCHWATER:       (German)

The origin

The TOUCHWATER is designed as a wave piercing semi-displacement sailing catamaran, not following class or regatta restrictions. In its origin version an 18 ft sport catamaran, compared to formula 18, reduced weight offers advantage in speed and handling. But nevertheless the weight is sufficient for quite stable sailing in unsteady winds.


The 20 m² sail area, versus 18HT formula, is split to main sail and jib. The moderately stretched rig provides good rolling stability especially for lightweight crews, in stronger winds and incoming gusts.
For further improved rolling stability also a smaller main sail with slim head may be rigged.

Shrouds are fixed to the mast the way the wind load aligns the mast profile to the mainsail profile for optimum aerodynamics. The mainsail is boomless and manual adjustment of mast rotation isn't necessary.

Pure sailing

Easy handling is the most relaxing and also safe way to enjoy the time on water. Therefore operating devices controlling the boat are reduced to a minimum and conveniently arranged.

Smart technics for easy performance

Technical details

For constructing the TOUCHWATER, it was important to allow for quick and reliable checks of all components. For easy replacement, standardized fastening elements are used. Shrouds and stays are fitted with the thimble / stamping sleeve system, which is also used in aviation and easily enables state control of the wire pressings.

The mast is sealed and the halyards are led outside the mast. Water can't enter in case of capsizing. The slim mast lifting body prevents a turn turtle and helps righting the boat again.

The mast fitting is not clinched but bolted through the mast. Weakening of the mast by rows of rivets is avoided. Fatigue of rivet joints can't happen and the rig remains reliable long-term.

The boat is equipped with four bionic shaped aluminium fins. Form and installation at the hull chines reduce the lateral drift efficiently and, compared with daggerboards, the fins are much more robust in case of ground touching.

For individualists:   Make your own design

Is there a perfect boat?
Just one for all purpose probably not. But the one fitting best personal demands might be nearby. Even more the one being designed according to individual ideas.

The EU directive on recreational craft and the applicable harmonised standards allow for various construction. Due to the flexible manufacturing process it is very easy to use this range for the TOUCHWATER hulls e.g. to match individual hydrodynamic characteristics or design.

For instance the hull width can be adapted very easily for a special crew weight, e.g. for single-hand sailing.
Also the balanced semi-displacement characteristics may be changed to meet individual ideas or to fit the boat to special wave conditions in a preferred sailing area.

Or the hull nose is shaped individually - and of course there are a lot of alternatives for colour design ...


Find more ideas in the Configurator


The characteristics and equipment of the TOUCHWATER Aluminium Catamaran

Hulls, beams and rudder components all-aluminium. Therefore completely resistant against osmosis and UV embrittlement.

High speed potential due to semi-displacement characteristics and low weight

Wave piercing bow section for an excellent pass through waves, additionally providing buoyancy and dynamic lift to reduce the risk of under-cut while speed riding

Special design and excellent hydrodynamic stability of the multi-chine hulls

Round cross beams for optimum stiffness of the total hull structure

Strong front beam. Dolphin striker left out in favor of increased safety to persons in the water.

Specially shaped aluminium fins - replacing daggerboards and casings - and swinging aluminium rudders. These robust devices reduce the risk of damage in case of ground touching.

Semi balanced rudders for easy operation

Adapted rig for improved tip stability and manoeuvering

Easy handling by a clear concept of operating devices

Trapeze system without heavy stainless steel parts to avoid injury by loose and lashing strings

Increased safety due to the ductility and mechanical strength of the metal hulls and steering devices

Unsinkable by integrated foam components

Transportable by trailer without disassembly of the hull structure


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