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TOUCHWATER Una   -   speed & easy handling

Single-hand sport sailing catamaran with hydro foils and una rig

The TW Una primarily is designed as a single-hand sailing catamaran - such as to have fun in a lively clique of A-cats. If the hull length is about 18 ft or more, it is also suitable for a lightweight two person crew.

Two concepts offer an individual focus.


TW Una speed

Designed for smooth hydrodynamic flow and low drag, the TW Una speed  has quite slender hulls.

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TW Una speed 18 ft  with hydro foils


TW Una freestyle



The TW Una freestyle  shows special agility due to its modified hulls with increased planing capacity.


For both hull designs, the appropriate high aspect una rig, without jib, makes handling the boat easy even in challenging wind conditions. In unsteady wind and swell the boat weight improves stability.

Characteristic of TOUCHWATER, hulls are constructed of aluminium with wave piercing semi-planing feature and robust bionic shaped fins.

The boat has 2.50 m maximum beam and can be transported easily by trailer. By this, various sailing areas are reached quickly.


TW Una hull platform
If you like to build the rig of your boat on your own, or the rig of your cat is in good order but the hull platform is damaged and shall be replaced, the individually adapted TOUCHWATER Una hull platform may be an option!

TW Una   Data

TW Una speed

TW Una freestyle
Sport sailing catamaran with una rig
Length   individual 4.88 - 5.79 m
16 - 19 ft
Beam    individual 2.30 - 2.50 m
Draught   approx. 0.30 m
Mast length  adapted 8.00 - 9.10 m
Weight  ready to sail  approx. 140 - 160 kg
Main sail 13 - 16 m² (14 - 17 m² incl. mast area)
Jib -  
Fins 4  
Trapeze system 1
Hulls, Fins, Hydro foils Alu wave piercing hulls with semi-planing characteristics,   optional hydro foil system
Beams Alu  
Mast, Spreader Alu  
Rudder equipment Alu rudder blades swinging up in case of ground touching


The boat is constructed according to the requirements of the EU directive 2013/53/EU on recreational craft, and the applicable harmonized standards.


Immanuel Hahnenstein     Bernsteinstraße 12     D-31275 Lehrte

Phone   +49 (0)5175 7617

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